What is The Human Lottery?

The Human Lottery (THL) is a website created and funded by a Computer Science Graduate from the United Kingdom. It consists of a set of both bespoke and generic collaborative tools to aid in the research for evidence of extraterrestrial life.

My view?

To me, one of the most significant and profound questions in our existence is - are we alone? Is the Human race totally unique or is the Universe teeming with life. My scientific background has given me a great interest in anything extraterrestrial, so I have naturally spent a large amount of my personal time researching the subject.

The first thing I want to help achieve, that a number of other people currently support; is to remove the Stigma surrounding the subject. To say, even to your own friends that you are researching UFOs or the existence of 'Aliens', can land you a label of being a crackpot.

In the time I spent reading up on UFOs, NASA and the Government, I came across a number of large deficiencies in the current Information Systems. These deficiencies make it virtually impossible to decipher fact from fiction. On the one extreme you have sites such as Wikipedia not approaching the subject matter seriously and on the other hand you have conspiracy forums that will lead you to believe absolutely anything, without a shred of proof.

What is THL setting out to achieve?

THL is searching to compile the best and most convincing evidence there is and to distribute it on a fair, open transparent platform for the world to see. To allow the public a single portal to corroborate experiences and share knowledge on distinct events.

How are we going to achieve this?

We aim to achieve this through the development of collaborative tools to aid research of the subject. To hold the most significant evidence forward, for the world to see. We aim to allow open support or debunking of evidence and aim to be professional and impartial during the process.

With your help we are going to compile this network from various sources fragmented over the internet. To correlate distinct claims with its corresponding evidence in a controlled and methodical fashion.

As UFO footage is easily faked in the modern age, with a laptop or even a mobile phone, the sort of evidence we seek is official documentation, admissions and corroborated experiences. These need to be from top ranking Government officials, World Leaders, Scientists and other reputable sources.

What tools are currently available?

Case Studies

Discuss and Try to dispell Events, Evidence and Opinion.

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Coming Soon - Read THL or User Submitted Articles

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Join in on the discussion!

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Coming Soon - A wiki focussing on building a network of accounts and information.

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